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What Can You Expect?

I am often asked what separates Eddy's Firewood from the competition. Frankly, I believe it is our Unwavering Commitment to our Customers, Quality Products, Dependable Service, and Integrity at every level of the buying experience.


We offer top quality firewood, industry expertise, and professional advice that our customers have come to expect!


An unwavering commitment to service means your order will be accurate and on time. When ordering you can expect a specified date within a two hour delivery window.


At Eddy’s we believe that providing a high value for your dollar and standing by our word are essential components to a quality product.


Our commitment to our customers is second to none. That’s why our customers come back year after year.

Our Mission:

To provide outstanding quality in our products, reliability and dependability in our service, and provide value at every interaction with our customers.

Current Offerings

We deliver anywhere in Western, Central, and Eastern Massachusetts. Delivery charge will be included in quote.

DEBARKED Tumbled Firewood (Now In Stock)

Request Quote /Cord

*Current minimum order for Central and Eastern MA is 3 Cord (384 Cubic Feet Log-Length).


  • Oak Hickory Maple Birch Ash Mix

(100% Trunkwood)

  • We stockpile, machine, cut & split 16" to 18" lengths

(custom cuts available 12" to 24" lengths)

1- Cleaner wood with much less mess to dispose of
2- 100% split trunk wood (denser wood more BTU's) no branches, limbs, or rounds
3- Wood that dries faster and more consistently
4- More burnable wood per cord (resulting in more BTU's per cord)
5 -Wood that burns cleaner with less ash (fewer firebox cleanouts per season)
6 -Less creosote buildup in your chimney
7 -Less places for bugs to hide
8- Wood that is easier to handle
9 -An all around better product


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Hand Stacking Available Upon Request

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Please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can better serve you.